Enaltecer Sorrisos

More than 10 years of history.

Enaltecer Sorrisos is a men’s, women’s and children’s clothing company focused on the desires and needs of its customers.

The items it sells have won over the most demanding international markets, both in terms of product excellence and meeting delivery deadlines.

The company has a cohesive team made up of professionals with proven track records in the textile and clothing industries, who keep a close eye on the details that shape market trends, the quality of the raw materials they work with and the refined and exclusive design they develop for their collections.

At Enaltecer Sorrisos nothing is left to chance.

Detailed thought-out solutions.

From the conception of the creative idea or the preparation of the sketch, technical drawing or fashion illustration to the delivery of the final product to the client, there are countless stages, processes, techniques and technologies that together form the cluster of services that the company provides with accuracy, dedication and quality.

At Enaltecer Sorrisos we make every effort and use all our knowledge and experience so that the service we provide dresses our customers as well as the items we make dress the end consumer. There is a vertical integration in everything we do.

Costum-made textile production.

If to create is to have a good idea and to innovate is to make that idea productive, at Enaltecer Sorrisos we uncompromisingly follow this motto to transform our imagination or that of our clients into distinctive, elegant, unique garments.

Nationally and internationally renowned brands

The first step on the rewarding road we have been taking in international markets took place in Portugal, but after that experience, new opportunities soon opened up in various geographies, both in Europe and the USA, in demanding markets looking for quality products and service (where detail makes all the difference), but at the same time at a fair, competitive price.

It is in this fine mesh that the company feels comfortable.